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Stand up for Love on Loving Day

On June 12th, 1967 the US Supreme Court upheld the right of couples of different races to marry, in the landmark decision Loving vs Virginia. Mildred and Richard Loving were arrested in the late 50’s for being a married interracial couple, and they fought all the way to the Supreme Court in this victory for interracial couples.

Today June 12th is celebrated each year as Loving Day, when people all across the US acknowledge the day in meaningful ways by volunteering, sharing photos of their families or in other meaningful ways.

June 12th also happens to be my birthday, and when the Loving decision happened in 1967, it also legalized my parents’ marriage. I doubt they knew the meaning of the date then, but for me it's only grown in significance. The right to love who we love and to marry who we wish is a fundamental and yet somehow still fragile right.

Each year on June 12th I take Loving day not only to congratulate myself for another trip around the sun, but also to share awareness of Loving Day and how vital it is to stand up for everyone’s right to marry.

This year on June 12th, as we stand up for love and remember why June 12th is so important to our family…..and all families, I’ll be wearing my In our America, Love Wins Rainbowlicious shirt and my husband and kids will too. Buying and wearing our merch shows the world your values, while profits are donated to organizations fighting for an America where love wins.

Want to learn more about Loving Day or get involved? Visit

by Rebecca Michaels

In Our America, Love Wins

Board of Directors

VP Strategy


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