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Midterm elections are here: There's hope, really!

When I reflect on the Trump era, November 2016 of course stands out as a critical moment when all of the hateful things Trump stood for and championed during his campaign felt as though they had triumphed. I can honestly say I despaired for our country, but eventually that despair turned to anger, and that anger turned into action. I joined Pantsuit Nation as the founding Executive Director to pour all of my time and energy into refuting what Trump spread.

Cortney Tunis

In contrast, that very next November gave us a real look at what our elected leaders could look like and could represent if we let our values lead us. As we move towards the midterms this year, I think about what the November 2017 election season did for me, and what we can learn from it.

That November 2017, Pantsuit Nation focused on uplifting the stories of the democrats running in the Virginia House of Delegates races - stories that overwhelmingly embodied the values that we hold dear at In Our America, Love Wins. Ten women won seats in the Virginia House, including Danica Roem, the first out transgender person to be elected and serve in the state legislature in any state. In Alabama, Doug Jones triumphed over Roy Moore, and in New Jersey, Phil Murphy beat out Kim Guadagno - a senate seat and a governorship flipping blue. These races made it clear that we would not be counted out, even in races that felt like long shots - and it gave us the momentum we needed to go into the 2018 midterms ready to fight for our values. In 2018, we flipped the House blue, and elected some of the most progressive lawmakers currently serving in our national government.

At In Our America, Love Wins we are a 501(c)(3) and we focus on our shared values. We sell our flag merchandise for two reasons: First, displaying our flags and yards makes a difference in our communities. Second, we raise money and put it to work.

A big THANK YOU to the In Our America, Love Wins community. We're putting your money back into work that aligns with the values on our flag. Thanks to your purchases, this month we have donated to three organizations that are focused on voter registration and voter rights: Center for Common Ground, Movement Voter Fund, and The Civics Center. Check out their amazing work.

As our midterm elections loom, it's a perfect time to remind people that key values can guide our work to achieve the kind of country we want to live in. Order a Power Pack or a Mini-Party Pack and spread the message to people in your community.

I hope you’ll join me in proudly displaying In Our America signs - order right away to get some for you, your friends, and family before election day! Show the world what’s important to you and help GOTV too.

You have a lot more influence than you think!

With love and strength,



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