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In Our America ... we're kicking off summer

Kick off a great summer with In Our America flags, tees, stickers and more, including some exciting new merch!


Summer offers many golden opportunities to help love win.

1. June is Pride Month

Get your parade day regalia right here! Pride Day Parades are happening all over the country, all month long, and they are so, so fun! It’s a great time to show up wearing your love and support for LGBTQIA rights. Don’t forget Rainbowlicious tees for the kiddos. Plus, check out our beautiful new trans rights bumper sticker.

2. Loving Day is June 12th

What better day to wear your heart on your sleeve? Or in your window. Or on your lawn? Commemorate a day when love won in our country and interracial marriage became legal. In an era where civil rights are being eroded, stand up for love.

3. Flag Day is June 14

It feels good to hoist a beautiful fabric flag proclaiming the democratic values cherished by a majority of Americans. After all, the American flag belongs to all of us, not just certain right-wingers. This year, why not make a positive statement on Flag Day?

4. Juneteenth is June 19th

If the arc of history bends toward justice, June 19th is one of the most important points upon that arc. Commemorate and celebrate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. Show the world you stand for an America where Black lives matter, and equality is for everyone. Sometimes a lawn sign is more than a lawn sign. Our signs, flags and tees signal safety, community, and solidarity.

5. Independence Day is July 4

Can you think of a better day to live it up in IOA style? Consider our Power Pack or Mini-Party Pack for your 4th of July Festivities, and receive enough signs and stickers to decorate for a party and share with your friends.

More reasons to gear up now

You’ll make an immediate difference. Displaying the IOA flag does more than let the world know where you stand. It has a positive impact on people and communities who are exposed to the messaging. People who share your values will know they’re not alone.

You’ll have a lasting impact. Every purchase helps others because all our profits are donated to grassroots organizations and nonprofits working to create an America where love wins.

Order by 6/21 for a free gift. During our Summer Kickoff, we’re including a multi-pack of our most popular postcards with every order. You’ll get 4 original, 4 Rainbowlicious and 4 Spanish-language cards. These are great for writing to your electeds, using in GOTV drives, and sending greetings to your conservative relatives.

With the pandemic behind us and so many holidays just ahead, we plan to spend the summer celebrating love, civil rights, and democracy, donating to aligned organizations, and spreading our positive message far and wide. Will you join us? Even if you don’t make a purchase, visit our website to join In Our America Love Wins.

See our full selection of merch right here. We hope you have a glorious, safe summer, full of love!


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