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Introducing our all-new, limited-edition "Rainbowlicious'' t-shirt. Just in time for pride parties and parades or your trip to the supermarket.

Also available as a  fitted v-neck for adults and now in kids sizes!.


Pre-order now and spread our RAINBOWLICIOUS message of trans-equality all summer long. Kids tees and sizes are limited, so order now to guarantee your selection!

Your purchase will supports transgender advocacy and support
A portion of profits for our Rainbowlicious tees will go to transgender advocacy through the end of June.

Rainbowlicious Unfitted Crew neck T-Shirt

  • The Rainbowlicious flag was designed at the request of, and with advice from our queer, trans, non-binary community members. The pink, white, and light blue starry field, and black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight Black and brown, trans, non-binary, and all LGBTQIA members within our community.

    As with all of IOA’s fundraising merchandise, a portion of profits are donated to progressive charitable organizations which support targeted or marginalized groups. We're earmarking these profits for transgender advocacy groups.

    Design credits:
    © In Our America, Love Wins 2022
    Rainbowlicious designed by Jane Elliot 2020 for Nasty Women Get Shit Done and gifted to In Our America, Love Wins. Based on the red, white & blue instant classic In Our America flag (also © In Our America, Love Wins 2022), designed by Jason Maxfield, 2016, based on a design by Sean Donnell.

    Rainbowlicious design references: 
    Philly flag design: Gilbert Baker, 1978, updated 2017
    Transgender flag design: Monica Helms, 1999
    Quasar flag design: Daniel Quasar, 2018

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