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New, socially conscious gifts and cards from In Our America, Love Wins

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Our new designs shine brightly on so many levels. Not kidding here - they literally glow with the bright, little flame of our shared hopes, goodwill and determination. We hope you’ll love our all-new holiday cards and candles as much as we do, plus we’re bringing back some of your faves, for even more giving goodness.

“Giving goodness?” Yes.

When you buy something for your own use, you want to love it and feel good about it, which are not always the same thing. When you buy something to give away, you want to love it, and feel sure the recipient will love it, and feel good about it. You may ask

Does it send a message I believe in? Does it support good people and do good work in the world? Does it positively impact my community? Will it delight me and/or the recipient?

Our gorgeous new cards, candles and other gifts check all the boxes.

  • Express your positive values and determination with our Holiday cards, New Years cards, and gifts.

  • Enjoy the fact that every purchase helps us fund grassroots organizations fighting for the values on our flag. You can see a list of recipients here.

  • Know that wherever and whenever people see the In Our America, Love Wins flag, they feel safer and stronger. It builds community everywhere it goes.

Customer Faves

Our Holiday GOAT (Greatest Ornament of All Time) - $20

Our adorably perfect, miniature, hand-made, "In Our America" ornament can go pretty much anywhere and makes a great give-away. Who doesn’t love a diorama?

Rainbowlicious Tees

Our oh-so-flattering, limited-edition "Rainbowlicious" t-shirt. Crew neck for kids and adults and our popular V-neck for adults too. Perfect for parties - and trips to the grocery store too! Makes a great gift paired with our In Our America Ornament.

For Kids (so cute!)

For grownups (find it in crewneck too)

Because so many of you love to buy in quantity, we’ve created some tempting combo offers for our In Our America audience. Our goal is to keep our prices accessible and shipping free on all our merch, but you’ll enjoy extra savings on these combos.

Multi-Cards Sets

Have a lot of cards to write? Buy 4 12-card packs (Rainbow or Red/White/Blue) and we'll throw in a Red/White/Blue 12-pack free! Mix and match in your cart, and we'll add your free pack AND a holiday ornament!

Our limited-edition cards are scheduled to ship to you on December 3. Preorder our Red/White/Blue Holiday Card 12-pack or our Rainbowlicious New Year cards 12-pack today to guarantee supply!

Please order soon because supplies are limited, and you’ll want to get it all in plenty of time for the holidays. You’ll find it all in our online Holiday Shop.

Share your values, start a warm conversation, and make this a holiday where Love Wins.

With love and strength,

The volunteer team at In Our America, Love Wins.


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