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September is right around the corner and the kids are sharpening their pencils, buying new school supplies and heading back to the classroom. Their first holiday of the new School year will be Labor Day, which also marks the end of summer. I wonder, how many of them know why we even celebrate this holiday? Labor Day celebrations took root in the late 19th century when the labor movement pushed to have everyday workers acknowledged and celebrated for their many contributions to America’s strength, prosperity, and well being. It's the perfect weekend to display an In Our America, Love Wins flag or sign.

Mary Sauve Secretary Board of Directors digital card

At the height of the industrial revolution, workers often clocked 12 hours a day, and worked 7 days a week. Children as young as 5 and 6 years old toiled in factories and mills and mines while bringing home only a pittance to help their families. Workers faced unsafe working condition; they often could not breath fresh air, take breaks or use clean facilities. Out of this mess, labor unions grew in prominence and power and compelled employers and the federal government to reconsider these terrible conditions. From this pressure came regulations that limit the hours we work, the conditions under which we work, and protect our children from exploitation.

We have come a long way but as I look at my beloved In Our America flag I’m reminded of how far we still have to go. How long will it be until we are all valued and equal in the eyes of our country? When will it be obvious to all that Black lives matter? Immigrants and refugees give us so much and yet we often treat them with such disdain, why? Will women ever control their own bodies and receive parity at work? When will the disabled be truly respected and when will we put the health of our planet at the top of our list of priorities? Finally, when will Americans will honestly recognize that Native Americans are at the very foundation of who we are as a nation?

With every line on our In Our America, Love Wins flag there are battles to be waged. Still, I believe that in the end LOVE WINS!

In September, in honor of workers and Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re also excited to donate $1,500 to LUPE and $500 to Truchargv. Check out their great work.

This Labor Day, please join the In Our America community in celebrating workers and displaying our flag. We know that seeing our flag makes people feel safe and welcome. It inspires others to join us in making our nation the best it can be. And every purchase helps us fund values-aligned organizations working for a better America.

Thank you for helping love win and for inspiring hope that our nation's best days are still ahead.

With hope and love,



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