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Call for Volunteers

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

When I joined In Our America, Love Wins, I was looking for something meaningful to do with my time that I felt contributed to a future that I want to see. The In Our America, Love Wins flag is a description of that future, and it serves as a roadmap for what we need to create in order to live in a stronger, more loving and supportive society. Working with In Our America, Love Wins to spread this message - this roadmap - feels like critical action against cynicism that can set in when things get hard.

Cortney Tunis

I bet many of you reading this are also looking for something to do that feels meaningful in these difficult times. If you can, I’d urge you to consider volunteering with us at In Our America, Love Wins. We’d love to have more people helping us share this message and support organizations making real change on the ground.

We have a few areas of need that are at the top of our list - if you have any of these skills, please reach out! If you don’t see a match, please sign up anyway, as our needs are always changing and we’d love to find a way to work with anyone who wants to work with us!

Areas of immediate need:

  • General Project Managers (project basis): Marshaling a project from start to finish, keeping loose ends tied up

  • Brand Communications (ongoing): Communicating out about IOA’s art and likenesses

  • Graphic Designers (ongoing/project basis): We are always looking for new takes on the flag! Let us know if you’ve got ideas! We are also looking for someone who can create some templates for us to use moving forward.

  • Merch Support (ongoing/Portland local): Supporting our orders and shipping operations out of Portland, OR

  • Retailers (ongoing/anywhere): Carry IOA’s merchandise

Ongoing specialized volunteer opportunities:

  • Social Media: Support IOA’s social media platforms

  • Newsletter Producer: Gather info and draft IOA’s monthly(?) newsletter

  • Videographer/Editor: Support IOA’s video content creation and distribution

I’m proud that my work with In Our America, Love Wins is helping share an optimistic vision for the future, and a roadmap to how we get there. I hope you’ll join our small but mighty committed community of volunteers to spread the hope and motivation of In Our America, Love wins.

With love and strength,



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