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Cling to your forward-thinking values. Literally. Like, put them up on your car or front window with a RAINBOW "In Our America" window cling. These window "stickers" adhere with static electricity and are glue-free. They are designed to be applied to the inside of a window so that the message is readable on the outside. Shipping is free!


The Rainbowlicious flag was designed at the request of, and with advice from our queer, trans, non-binary community members. The pink, white, and light blue starry field, and black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight Black and brown, trans, non-binary, and all LGBTQIA members within our community.


As with all of IOALW’s fundraising merchandise, sales proceeds from this flag graphic are donated to progressive charitable organizations which support targeted or marginalized groups.


6" x 4"


In Our America raises money to give money away, which means your purchase does real good in the world. See our list of past recipients here

Rainbowlicious "In Our America" Window Clings


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