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Gender diversity is beautiful and human, and we all deserve a country and a world where trans people thrive. When you fly our flag or plant our yard sign, you’re supporting trans folks, parents advocating for their children, bodily autonomy for everyone, and the right to gender-affirming health care. Fly this one to show people like Ron DeSantis that you reject their bigotry and hate.


These "Trans is Beautiful" mini stickers are our newest offering, Get a pack of ten 3 inch square stickers for $20. Postage included.  

Trans is Beautiful Flag Mini Stickers

  • The Trans is Beautiful In Our America Flag was designed by a transgender In Our America, Love Wins board member with input from trans community members. The blue, pink, and white hues and patterned stripes are drawn from the colors of the Trans Flag designed in 1999 by Monica Helms. The blue of the starry field is a little darker to enhance the visibility of the stars and the legibility of In Our America, Love Wins. 

    Like the original Red, White, and Blue flags and the Rainbowlicious flag that followed, our new flag flies as a symbol of solidarity and acceptance. Together, we’ll all work for a world that embraces and supports gender diversity.

    Design and copy together on the flag are ©2024 In Our America, Love Wins.

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